Business Intelligence

The Next-Generation Visual Analytics Solution At Your Fingertips With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data getting generated every day, it is imperative for enterprises to leverage this data in the right way to get insights that will help them make smarter decisions.

Manually culling out relevant information from different sources and reviewing lengthy excel sheets can be a humongous task. But with Datamatics’ Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool, Karma Mindset Technologies , getting insights from different data sources is just a click away. The BI tool allows you to create your own interactive dashboards from any device even when you are not connected to the internet.

Karma Mindset Technologies offers an enterprise-ready business intelligence platform that provides a modern & responsive user interface. It supports self-service analysis, 360-degree view of a single-version-of-truth, and provides an intuitive & interactive experience in a secure and scalable environment.

With all this, our BI tool provides business users with definite advantages in terms of 99.99% up-time and increased employee productivity

Our Business Intelligence services:

Data Analysis
Business Insights
Advanced Reporting
Data Warehouse Modernization Services
Data Intelligence Services.